Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Two-Step Waltz

Also referred to as the Deux Temps.

The Gentleman begins by sliding to the left with his left foot, then performing a chassee towards the left with the right foot, without turning at all during the first two times. He then slides backwards with his right leg, turning half round; after which he puts his left leg behind to perform with it a chassee forward, again turning half found at the same time. He must finish with his right foot forward, and begin again with his left foot as before.

To dance the Deux Temps well it must be danced with short steps, the feet sliding so smoothly over the surface of the floor that they scarcely ever seem to be raised above it. Anything like springing or jumping is altogether inadmissible.

Tall gentlemen should avoid, if possible, waltzing with short ladies, as their difference in height, must necessarily destroy the ease of blended movement, which should act like one person.

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